How Can Kragens Auto Parts and Other Things Help You Get Rid of Summer Hassles

The holiday season has a habit of catching us unaware, so try this five point guide and be fully prepared…


The problem: It’s around this time of year that we start fantasizing about picnics on velvet lawns and al fresco breakfasts on sparkling patios. But the truth is, unless we start preparing now, the great outdoors is likely to be a wash out come summer, rain or not!

The solution: Start early by spring-cleaning your patio, scrubbing stains with hot soapy water. And stock up early on outdoor accessories such as garden chairs, paddling pools and garden game sets, rather than risk finding them all sold out at the first sign of a summer heat wave.


The problem: Cars get a rough deal over the summer when we expect them to take us on thousand-mile journeys loaded with bikes and trailers, or we leave them idle at airport car parks.

The solution: Give your car a health check-up in the run-up to summer, paying attention to the radiator, which tends to over-heat in the hot weather, as well as checking the oil level and spare tyre. Book your car in for a service while you are away on holiday. Kragens Auto Parts offer the best solution for your vehicle so make sure you use reliable sets of auto parts like these to make sure your vehicle’s performance is great.

Family and Friends

The problem: How many times over the winter do you end phone conversations with, ‘Let’s do something in the summer’, only to discover when the holidays arrive that you are woefully overbooked?

The solution: Get a large calendar and start pre-arranging social events well ahead of time – particularly weekend ones. And remember to begin by blocking in any essential commitments, like a visit to grandma. So often, this gets pushed to one side once summer starts and precious time-off is taken up with our own holiday plans. As a result of this, one upset grandma and one guilt-ridden you.


The problem: We tend to fix on out blissful two weeks off and forget that we will probably be working doubly hard the rest of the time to catch up – and to cover for absent colleagues.

The solution: Start preparing for your holidays a good few weeks in advance. Make sure you are up to date with admin and give external contacts plenty of warning that you are going to be away. Ask around at work to find out who’s going to be off, so that you get some idea of what’s going to be expected of you in terms of cover – and if you foresee trouble ahead, talk to your boss as soon as possible.


The problem: Don’t forget they are off from school for six weeks.

The solution: Find out what childcare is available in your area. Have them admitted there!