Codan Vehicle Systems

You might wonder what Codan vehicles are? Is there a vehicle called Codan? Well, many would relate the name Codan with high quality radio transmitters or communication systems. There is no vehicle such as Codan vehicles, but one may call them “Codan vehicles” as Codan systems are fitted into many vehicles for Governments, MOD and so on. So, what is so special about Codan? In what ways are these communication systems useful in a vehicle? Let’s first take a look at some of the communication systems available with Codan.

Codan have been designing the best communication equipment for applications like high frequency radio and digital microwave radio systems for more than 50 years. Their unbeatable service for the most demanding situations and their consistent quality driven products has made them the pioneers in this field. The company has a network around the world and has offices in countries like India, Australia, UK, China and the USA.

High frequency radio communication for the base station, portable units for the travelers or security personal and the mobile units that are fitted in vehicles are some of the products lines of Codan HF radio. Their NGT transceivers come in a wide range of models and can be used for any application like data, fax, email, chat and voice communications etc. Codan 2110 Manpack transceiver is an award winning product which is light weight, portable and has a battery backup for 50 hours.

Accessories needed to configure the Transceiver for any fax, email or voice etc like the modems, high power amplifiers, antennas, crosspatches, remote control equipments, and telephone interconnect etc are also available to suit all applications. Codan equipments are always reliable and the quality driven product line is unmatched. One example to showcase its reliability and unbiased quality is the 9350 mobile tuning antenna which is internationally acclaimed. Now that we have an idea of what Codan equipments are, let us now see who all can benefit from such high end radio transceivers.

Apart from the military services and security services personal and commercial use of the Codan equipments are increasing as more and more people feel the need for such communication systems in their day to day lives. Most of the United Nations organisations such as the Red Cross, Care, Oxfam etc are some of the social organisations which are internationally acclaimed which use these high frequency radio and satellite systems in their day to day operations. Models like Codan VR and SRx of NGT transceivers can provide fast and reliable communication in areas where there is no other form of communication. Humanitarian works and other natural disasters, famine and political unrest are some of the times where Codan has been most useful.

The need for Codan vehicles is also imperative as many humanitarian services have to reach remote areas where there is zero telecommunications or other forms of communication. This equipment can be fitted in the vehicles and used in any situation. They are portable and light weight and its high frequency receivers will ensure an uninterrupted data receipt. Developing nations and conflict driven states or nations will find a great solace in using these equipments from Codan.