Young Driver Car Insurance at A Discount?

Young Driver Car Insurance Sticker Shock!

Unless they are insurance agents, most parents are stunned when their teenager starts to drive. They are shocked because of the price of car insurance, which may be triple that of the experienced drivers. This is because the student driver does not have their own driving history, and so insurance companies lump student drivers together with other drivers their age. This group, traditionally, experiences a high accident rate, and young males are hit even harder than young females.

Available Teenage Driver Discounts

You can save money by looking for discounts that many car insurance companies offer. Even though teenage drivers tend to be in a high risk group, insurance companies recognize that some young drivers are a lower risk than others. For instance, students who maintain a good grade average will earn a discount from many major companies. The companies usually require a B average.

Also, insurance underwriters – those who assign risk and set rates – will like it if the student driver takes an accredited driver safety course. The cost and time of taking such a course are sure to be worth it for a couple of reasons. For one thing, these courses have been proven to teach young drivers to be better drivers. In addition, some insurance companies will offer discounts to drivers who take these classes! You can find these classes by searching on the internet, checking with your state insurance department, or just asking your insurance agent or company.

You may also profit by bundling all insurance policies with the same company because of multiple insurance policy discounts. If the parents and student driver use the same company, and maybe also throw in the homeowners policy, then some companies will give the family a break to keep their business. The multiple policy discount will not always give you the lowest possible rate, but it is worth checking into.

If the cost of insuring a student driver on the parent’s fairly new car is just too high, consider purchasing an older car for the young driver. Where the newer car may need full coverage, especially if it has not been paid off yet, an older car will probably just need the minimum required liability car insurance. The savings can be hundreds of dollars a month on car insurance, and that may be more than the price for a used car payment!

Shop Around For Affordable Insurance

You will find big differences between insurance rates, and it does pay off to shop around. This used to be much harder when you had to call around and give complex information over the phone to multiple insurance companies in order to get a quote. Now, with the internet, you can usually fill out a quick form with basic information, and then sit back and get car insurance quotes delivered to you. If you are looking for an online insurance quote form, try to find one with third party verification like the Better Business Bureau Online Program or The National Ethics Check. The quote form should also run on a secure server so your information is protected. However most online quote forms will not need private information, like social security numbers, just to run a quote.

Rust Prevention Tips from the Leading Auto Parts and Auto Parts Information Source

Auto Parts Inner is your comprehensive source of top quality automotive products ranging from exterior parts such as the wheels, hood, fender, auto lights, and bumper to interior performance such as the AC condenser, catalytic converter, radiator and so much more. The store offers the best deals and the widest variety of auto parts including the best BMW parts, Ford parts, Mazda parts, Volkswagen parts, Chevy parts and Jeep parts, making it one of the leading auto parts dealers in the country.

Sharing with you its expertise in the field of cars, Auto Parts Inner provides useful Auto Parts Information on how to prevent rust, which is said to be one of the worst enemies of cars.

Cars and Rust

Cars are valuable investments so we want to keep our own auto in excellent shape and condition as much as possible. No matter how old or new it is or whether it’s a known model or not, we give it special treatment as it provides as efficient, safe and comfortable means of transportation as well as enjoyment.

It is inevitable for a vehicle to experience common car problems; this is especially true if the model is already old. Among the most destructive and the most annoying problems is rust. This affects almost all auto parts, especially those exposed to moisture. The body panels, including the doors, the fenders, the hood and the tailgate are of course among the most vulnerable. When damaged by rust, these auto parts become weak and not only that, they become ugly too. Replacement may be your only solution.

Replacement Parts from Auto Parts Inner

Tailgate. Most pickup trucks have tailgates; this is a kind of door attached and protecting the truck bed. As a door to the rear part of the truck, it is often slammed when being closed; thus, it becomes vulnerable to damages. Moreover, trucks are often used off-road, so they are more exposed to damaging factors in the environment including salt, which hastens the formation of rust.

Auto Parts Inner offers the most durable Chevy tailgate, GMC tailgate and Ford tailgate. Designed like the original, these replacement auto parts are sure to give you lasting and the most efficient service. They are also made to endure the toughest driving conditions in which you may use your vehicles.

Hood. The hood is one of the most important body parts as this is used to protect the most vital parts of the car such as the engine. Just like the door and the tailgate, this must be rigid and tough to be able to give the best protection to parts underneath.

Since the hood has a metal covering that is exposed to harsh elements in the environment, the hood is also very susceptible to rust. Because of this, proper care is needed. It must be kept clean all the time and make sure the drain holes around the hood are clear so water can’t pass through and cause rust.

You can find out more of the body panels and Auto Parts Inner’s available replacement auto parts at the store’s web site. You can go to its How Cars Work section for more Auto Parts Information on several auto parts, auto makes and models, automotive systems and so much more.

Meanwhile, check out these simple yet useful tips on how to prevent rust in your car:

1. Keep your car clean and well waxed.

2. Rinse the underside with water when salt is in use or if you live in a salty area.

3. Keep your wheel wells clean and free from material that holds moisture, such as dirt or leaves.

4. Make sure that all drain holes in the frame, floor and bottoms of doors are clear.

5. After you wash your car, open the doors to let the water drain out.

Many car manufacturers void corrosion warranty if you have your car rustproofed. (Rust proofing is a treatment of waxy paste sprayed inside the body panels by an “after market” specialist. The specialist drills holes in hidden areas, sprays in the paste, and plugs the holes. Another type of rustproofing is a clear silicon-based spray that is applied to your paint to protect it from chemicals and pollution.) The best course is to take the rust preventative measures listed above.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tacking and similar security measures for your assets are becoming more popular every day. If you already own an expensive vehicle, such as a car, boat, trailer, quad bike, jet skis, motor bikes and more, consider protecting your assets against theft and permanent loss by installing a vehicle tracking system. A vehicle tracking system is a modern and effective method to ensure vehicle recovery after the unfortunate event of a theft. Most new and modern cars can already have a vehicle tracking system installed; otherwise, the process to have the system installed is easy and effortless for the vehicle owner.

In South Africa, the crime rate is high in comparison to other countries, protecting your assets is becoming a part of daily life, from security measures in your home to vehicle tacking and alarms on your vehicles. It is important to research and compare vehicle tracking services and companies, choose a system and a company that can meet your individual requirements and specifications. Many influencing factors will help you make your decision.

First, you need to choose a company that can supply the technology to track your particular vehicle type. Most tracking companies can offer advanced tracking technology that can be installed on almost any vehicle type including watercrafts and on the road and off-road vehicles. The device should be easily concealed on the vehicle and be small enough to evade detection.

Then you need to choose the type of system the vehicle tracker will work from, being a point-to-point system or a GPS system. Depending on your budget, and your location, you may need to seek advice on the best system to suit your needs. It is true that a point-to-point system can be more affordable in comparison to the GPS systems; it is recommended that you get quotes from various reputable companies and compare pricing and services.

It is also a recommendation that you investigate the insurance coverage provided by your product; ensure that the company that supplies your tracking system can meet all your insurance requirements. The contract is also another point not to be taken lightly, here it is imperative for clients to read the “small print” and ensure they do not get “locked into” an unreasonably long contract.
Getting a vehicle tracking system installed in your vehicle can be an effective security method to ensure you get your stolen vehicle back after a theft; this is a peace of mind precaution, offering you an easy method of asset protection.

How Can Kragens Auto Parts and Other Things Help You Get Rid of Summer Hassles

The holiday season has a habit of catching us unaware, so try this five point guide and be fully prepared…


The problem: It’s around this time of year that we start fantasizing about picnics on velvet lawns and al fresco breakfasts on sparkling patios. But the truth is, unless we start preparing now, the great outdoors is likely to be a wash out come summer, rain or not!

The solution: Start early by spring-cleaning your patio, scrubbing stains with hot soapy water. And stock up early on outdoor accessories such as garden chairs, paddling pools and garden game sets, rather than risk finding them all sold out at the first sign of a summer heat wave.


The problem: Cars get a rough deal over the summer when we expect them to take us on thousand-mile journeys loaded with bikes and trailers, or we leave them idle at airport car parks.

The solution: Give your car a health check-up in the run-up to summer, paying attention to the radiator, which tends to over-heat in the hot weather, as well as checking the oil level and spare tyre. Book your car in for a service while you are away on holiday. Kragens Auto Parts offer the best solution for your vehicle so make sure you use reliable sets of auto parts like these to make sure your vehicle’s performance is great.

Family and Friends

The problem: How many times over the winter do you end phone conversations with, ‘Let’s do something in the summer’, only to discover when the holidays arrive that you are woefully overbooked?

The solution: Get a large calendar and start pre-arranging social events well ahead of time – particularly weekend ones. And remember to begin by blocking in any essential commitments, like a visit to grandma. So often, this gets pushed to one side once summer starts and precious time-off is taken up with our own holiday plans. As a result of this, one upset grandma and one guilt-ridden you.


The problem: We tend to fix on out blissful two weeks off and forget that we will probably be working doubly hard the rest of the time to catch up – and to cover for absent colleagues.

The solution: Start preparing for your holidays a good few weeks in advance. Make sure you are up to date with admin and give external contacts plenty of warning that you are going to be away. Ask around at work to find out who’s going to be off, so that you get some idea of what’s going to be expected of you in terms of cover – and if you foresee trouble ahead, talk to your boss as soon as possible.


The problem: Don’t forget they are off from school for six weeks.

The solution: Find out what childcare is available in your area. Have them admitted there!